Permanent Makeup Services

  • Eyebrows
    The technician will create eyebrows for those with spare or undefined brows. Well defined eyebrows give balance to
    the face and give the face a natural lift.
  • Eyeliner
    Liners can be bold or soft and subtle making the eyes larger and more striking.
  • Eyelash enhancement
    Permanent makeup is precisely placed in between each lash at the base of the lash line defining the shape of the
    eye and creating the illusion of thick full lashes.
  • Lip tinting/color
    The lip is outlined, with the same color or different, and then filled in with a color. This lines the lip and creates a full healthy lip color. We have several colors/shades from which to choose.

    Areola Restoration
    This procedure is for enhancement for post-reconstructive surgery.

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